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C.A. Donehoo Library

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Image result for clipart of kids reading books

*** Donehoo OPAC Link (Catalog)-

*** Alabama Virtual Library- Awesome information, e-books, visit Britannica, Infobits, and so much more!!!

***Tynker Coding-

New Books in the Library-

-Go to this page for an up-to-date list of new books.

My Book Favs-

- Visit this page for links to Newbery Award Books, Caldecott Medal Books, Junie B. Jones series, Judy Moody series, Bone series, Magic School Bus series, Sommer-Time Stories, and more...

Great Websites for Readers -
This collection of web sites will provide you with lots of fun and information on books and their authors.

Books That I Have Recently Read-

Visit a list of all of the books that I have read in the last six months along with links to their book/author web sites.

Books and Websites My Students Suggest-

- Please help me make this list grow! There are so many great web sites out there and your help is needed!

Upcoming Events-

-Book Fair, reading contests, etc.

Library Schedule-

-2011-2012 daily schedule at Donehoo Elementary school